Charcoal Production Machine

Beston Charcoal Production Plant in Ghana

In November 2018, Beston shipped a charcoal making machine to Ghana. And this biochar production equipment will be used to process palm shells. As we know, there are plenty of palm shells in Ghana, which provides rich raw materials. In addition, palm kernel shell charcoal is a highly porous material so that it has an excellent adsorptive performance like coconut shell charcoal. While the former one is much cheaper than the latter one. Especially, you can get quality charcoal by using our carbonizer machine. Obviously, the palm shell charcoal making machine in Ghana will make great profits for our customers. Here are some pictures of shipping of the carbonization machine.

Charcoal Machine for Sale
Loading of Charcoal Machine
Charcoal Production Machine
Beston Charcoal Machine for Sale
Biochar Machine to Ghana
Biochar Machine to Ghana

Moreover, there is a wide application of Beston biomass pyrolysis plant, such as wood chips, sawdust, bagasse, municipal sludge, etc. Together with our customized business plan and great after-sales service, you will get great benefits of recycling. Welcome to contact us!

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