Engineer in the Philippines

Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines

Our BTF-1-4 egg tray machine in the Philippines was installed and put into use last June. It can produce about 1500 pieces of egg trays each hour. Here are some pictures which were taken on site. Also, you can check the commissioning video from our YouTube Channel.

BTF-1500 Egg Tray Machine
BTF-1500 Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines
Manual Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines
BTF-1-4 Egg Tray Machine
Installation of Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines
Installation of Egg Tray Machine in the Philippines
Engineer in the Philippines
Engineer in the Philippines

In order to improve the drying speed, our customer purchased a metal automatic egg tray drying system, which was shipped several days ago. With the automatic drying line, the working efficiency of the egg tray machine will be much higher without increasing labour force input. Moreover, the multilevel metal drying line is very easy to install and it can save your space cost largely. Here are some shipping pictures from our factory.

Metal Drying Room to the Philippines
Shipping to Metal Drying Room
Loading of Drying Room
Shipping from Beston Factory

How to Choose Egg Tray Drying Line?

Generally speaking, there are three main egg tray drying systems to choose from, namely, natural drying, brick drying line and metal drying room. Natural drying can greatly reduce your investment costs, but it is only suitable for the small egg tray machines. In addition, it requires good weather, a lot of labor force input and large space. Brick drying room and metal drying room are designed with a convey belt to improve the drying speed with fewer workers. The former one is cheaper but it is with single-layer convey belt. Besides, we also need some construction works. While the metal drying system is multilevel to save space and it is very easy to install and transport. Moreover, it can make full use of the heat inside to greatly reduce your energy costs. Also, if there is no brick in your country, the metal drying system will be your best choice.

Except for the top-quality pulp molding machine, we also have a professional team to work out the most suitable business plan for you. Welcome to contact us!

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