End Products of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant

How About Tyre Recycling Plant by Pyrolysis Process?

When talking about tyre recycling business, you may know tyre shredding machine and pyrolysis plant. Tyre shredding business is cutting tyres into small pieces for other uses. For example, it is widely used as materials in civil engineering, landscaping mulch, rubberized asphalt, making new tires or other rubber products, etc. While some investors would prefer to further process scrap tires through the pyrolysis process. So how about the tyre pyrolysis recycling system?

1. New Option for Tyre Recycling Business

As mentioned, pyrolysis can recycle old tires into oil. That is to say, it can be an individual tyre recycling business. Also, you can regard it as one of the further processing options for tyre shredding business. So if you already have tyre shredder, you can buy a pyrolysis plant to expand your business.

Tire Pyrolysis Recycling Plant
Tire Pyrolysis Recycling Plant
Daily Capacity6T10T15-20T20-24T
Working MethodBatchSemi-continuousFully Continuous
Feeding SystemManual/Automatic (Optional)Automatic
Raw MaterialsWhole (<1200mm)/Shredded tiresShredded tires (5-50mm)
Tyre ShredderNot NecessaryNecessary
Reactor DesignRotaryHorizontal
Heating MaterialsCharcoal, Wood, Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, LPG, etc.
Floor Area (L*W*H)20*10*10m25*15*10m25*15*10m45*25*10m
Service Life5-8 Years

2. Profitable Business Opportunity

Tyre recycling business will bring you great benefits. Firstly, there are millions of tons of old tires to dispose of urgently. Some communities even have to pay for tire recycling. So it offers you rich and cheap raw materials to lower your cost. Besides, some governments also have financial support for tyre recycling projects. More than that, you can get various end products through the pyrolysis process, including oil, steel wire, carbon black, and combustible gas. Considering the wide uses of these end products, you can make money from tire recycling easily.

End Products of Tyre Pyrolysis Plant
End Products of Tyre Pyrolysis
Use of Pyrolysis Oil
Use of Pyrolysis Oil
Uses of Carbon Black
Uses of Carbon Black

3. Eco-friendly Way for Tyre Recycling

Tyre recycling plant by pyrolysis process is happening under an oxygen-free atmosphere. It heats the whole or shredded tires at the high temperature and generates oil at 200 to 450 degrees. Let’s review the tire pyrolysis process to know why it is eco-friendly.

Firstly, feed tires into the pyrolysis reactor. Of course, you may need some pre-treatment to prepare the raw materials. For example, you need to dry the tires to make sure that the water content is less than 15% to improve the oil yield rate. Also, it should be smaller than 20mm if you use an automatic feeding system.

After feeding, it is necessary to pre-heat the reactor to remove the air inside to improve security. In general, it takes 1-3 hours. In this phase, there is nearly no oil generated. As temperatures go up to 200 degrees, the oil will be generated, as well as combustible gas. It will last 3 to 6 hours. During this process, the combustible gas can heat the reactor instead of fuel after desulfurization. While the oil gas will be collected through the condensing system. Then the tail gas will go through the de-dusting system to cool down and purify to meet the emission standard. In order to make it pollution free, Beston Machinery offers multiple purification systems to choose from.

Tyre Pyrolysis Process
Tyre Pyrolysis Process


Actually, tyre recycling by pyrolysis is not new. Also, pyrolysis technology is getting mature and stable. That is to say, you can find qualified manufacturers in this industry, for example, Beston Machinery. We have developed, exported and installed tyre recycling plants for years to offer you quality facilities and service. Meanwhile, there is a promising market for tire pyrolysis products. More than that, waste tyre disposal is urgent all over the world. So it is easy to have a successful business if cooperating with a reliable supplier. All in all, if you are planning to start tyre recycling business, please contact Beston for details!

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