Tyre Recycling Machine in South Africa

Two Tyre Pyrolysis Machines to South Africa

In 2018, Beston Machinery exported two tyre pyrolysis machines to South Africa, including a BLJ-10 and a BLJ-16. They can process 10 to 20 tons of old tyres per day. The former one was shipped in July, while the latter one was loaded in September. In the near feature, the tyre pyrolysis plant in South Africa will be installed and put into use. Here are some shipping pictures.

Tire Pyrolysis Machine in South Africa
BLJ-10 Tire Pyrolysis Machine to South Africa
Tyre Recycling Machine in South Africa
Shipping to South Africa
Tyre Pyrolysis Plant South Africa
BLJ-16 Tyre Pyrolysis Plant to South Africa
Tyre Recycling Equipment in South Africa
BLJ-16 Tyre Recycling Equipment to South Africa

According to our market survey, waste tyre recycling in South Africa is very promising. Here are the main reasons.

1. There are a lot of scrap tyres and rubber products in South Africa, such as conveyor belts from the mines, to provide investors rich and cheap raw materials.

2. South African government has supportive policies and government grants for waste tyre recycling to make it more profitable.

3. Beston can provide your customized tyre pyrolysis projects according to your needs. Welcome to contact us!

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