Waste Sorting Plant Design

Waste Sorting Plant

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Waste Sorting Plant

Waste sorting plant from Beston adopts the automated sorting system, which is safe, effective and energy-saving. Now we have 3 models of top-quality waste sorting equipment for sale, which can process 100 to 400 tons of waste per day. And it is suitable for processing municipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste, and mining waste. If you want a reasonable waste sorting machine price, please contact us now!

Waste Sorting Plant Design
Waste Sorting Plant Design
Raw materialsMunicipal solid waste, household waste, industrial waste, landfill waste, and mining waste
Capacity5 T/H10 T/H20 T/H
Power149 kW224.7 kW279 kW
Area2400 ㎡2800 ㎡3000 ㎡
Working time20 hours/d

Main Waste Sorting Facility

Beston employs advanced waste selection technology to make the waste separation rate higher than 90%. Here is the main equipment in the MSW sorting plant.

Plate Feeder & Uniform Distribution Machine

The garbage truck unloads various solid waste to plate feeder first. And then there is a uniform distribution machine to place the waste evenly to ensure the entire waste sorting system runs normally and efficiently.

After that, we need workers to pick up the large solid wastes, such as quilts, tree trunks, long sticks, brick stone, etc. There will be another three manual sorting platforms in the whole sorting line, which can improve the separation rate and prolong the service life of the waste sorting system. Also, there will be a bag breaker to improve working efficiency. You can also find the 3D video of the waste sorting process.

Plate Feeder&Uniform Spread Machine
Bag Breaker

Rotary Screening Machine & Winnowing Machine

Rotate Screen
Wind Separator
This is the most important part of a garbage separation system. With the help of the conveyor belt, the waste is sent to the rotary screening machine, where the waste materials can be divided by size. That is to say, the parts smaller than 50 mm will be used to make natural fertilizer after the process of suspension magnetic sorting machine; while the other part will be further processed by comprehensive winnowing machine. And the suspension magnetic sorting machine will separate the metal out. The comprehensive winnowing machine can sort wastes by weight. So we can get light waste, heavy waste materials (bricks, stones, tiles, glass, etc.) and secondary heavy waste materials (hard waste plastic, waste rubber, textile and waste paper, organic and some combustible materials).

Feeding System

In addition, we have two different feeding systems with double decks and a negative layer to choose from. Our engineers will design the layout of your waste sorting plant according to your space and terrain conditions. And you may find the whole feeding system is fully automatic with the use of conveyor belts, which is fully sealed to protect workers and the nearby residents from odor. All Beston products, including pyrolysis plant, charcoal production machine, egg tray machine, always put safety, eco-friendliness, and benefits at the same place. You can cooperate with us with no worry.

Packing System

After sorting, it’s time to pack the end products, such as plastic, waste rubber, paper, waste cans, etc. by automatic packing machine. As mentioned, we have a full range of waste recycling machines for sale. It means that you can choose different further processing equipment according to your needs. For example, you can buy an egg tray making machine for waste paper recycling. It will be more profitable. Of course, you can sell the products after sorting directly. Anyway, Beston can provide you with the most cost-effective waste recycling business plan according to your needs and budgets.

Transfer Belt Conveyor
Manual Sorting Platforms

Analysis of Waste Sorting Machine Price

As an experienced waste recycling solution supplier, we have some tips for you to get a reasonable MSW sorting equipment price.

1. Knowing what your waste sorting system is used for.

It directly decides the scale of your waste sorting plant. For example, if you work for the government to set up a waste separation plant to process municipal solid waste. It requires a big and effective plant. To some extent, the working efficiency will be the first thing you need to consider. Of course, if you want to start a waste recycling plant individually, we can offer you the related certificates to help you get the project. While Beston Group can customize different waste recycling business plans for different customers. We believe that you will find the most suitable one.

Waste Sorting Machine to Hungary
Waste Sorting Machine to Hungary
Waste Sorting Plant in China
Waste Sorting Plant in China
Malaysian Customers in Factory

2. Choose a qualified supplier.

You may find there are numerous waste recycling plant manufacturers around the world. Most of them can supply waste separation & recycling units. You need to choose one who can offer quality products and service. After all, the maintenance cost will be a great part of the large industrial machinery. Beston has a specialized after-sales service center and several overseas offices to serve customers in time. Also, you are welcomed to come to visit our factory on site at any time.

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